Dedication, diligence, integrity and decency

The founder of I&D - Ms. Ivy Wu firmly believes that market competition is ultimately the competition of talent.

Therefore, it is necessary to build a high-quality workforce.


The company has developed the company's rules and regulations just after the foudation, formulating staff training plan, and strictly managing the company internally. At the same time, I&D contracted a management consulting company to establish a human resources strategy for the company, for the purpose of attracting and cultivating talents, and linking the company's development goals with the actual interests of employees.

Enable employees to realize their own value while achieving corporate goals, and build a community of shared future between the company and employees, so that employees and the company grow together.

We define the criteria for I&D membership as:

Clear Goals and Devotion

Excellent Work Ability

Strong Thirst for Knowledge

Good Communication Skills

Initiative and Creativity

Dedication, Diligence, Integrity, Decent

Self-confidence, Perseverance